It all started with Ford back in 1975 when Preston Ford Inc. was founded by the late Frank Showell Sr. and Robert MacDonald Sr. In 1981 they gave a 21 year old kid, David H. Wilson, a chance to take a leadership role in Preston. What a chance they took and what a ride it has been! From a single Ford dealership, initially in a small downtown location and relocated to the middle of a corn field, The Preston Group, now known as Preston Automotive Group, has expanded to represent 8 franchises in 5 cities across two states. While growing the business, the Company also focused on achieving excellence within the industry.
Preston Ford is the only dealership on Delmarva that has been in the Top 100 Ford Dealers in the nation. David Wilson, Jr., recently appointed Vice-President/General Manager of Preston Ford, is committed to achieving this distinction once again in 2008. In his new position, he plans on continuing the family tradition of high customer satisfaction combined with high volume sales. "We are proud of the Company's many accomplishments and are excited about the future", says David.

In 1984 the Preston Frog was born which is now the icon for the Preston Automotive Group.

In June of 1987 Preston Used Car Center started operating in the cornfield at the corners of 318 and 331. In November of that year the group expanded in Millsboro, Delaware. The "Millsboro Auto Mart” helped broaden the array of used vehicles we could offer the public. Millsboro not only was another outlet, it was very instrumental in helping the original Preston store expand by giving them another destination for wholesaling used vehicles.

In July of 1988, Sho-Wil Chevy Oldsmobile was founded. It was the first non-Ford franchise in the group. In 1996 David Wilson and his partner Earl Croswell completed the first brand new sales and service facility in the group.The store has since been renamed Preston Chevrolet.

In 1990 the group brought on the first import franchise in Preston. Preston Mazda started in the downtown location and relocated to an exclusive sales facility in the infamous cornfield in 1993.

In 1995 Preston expanded into Cambridge selling Buicks, Pontiacs, and GMC's. This location is now known as Preston Buick Pontiac GMC . Adding GMC to the Preston line-up has been instrumental to the Group. And, since owner and President, David H. Wilson really got his start in the car business prepping and cleaning GMC'S at M and L GMC in Federalsburg, it was doubly meaningful. In 1995 Preston also brought a second import into the fold; Preston Suzuki.The Suzuki dealership moved from Preston to the Millsboro location in March of 2006.

In 1998 Preston went back to their Ford roots by adding Preston Lincoln Mercury. This was our first step in the luxury market.

2000 proved to be a challenging and disappointing year. The excitement of adding a second Ford location in Denton, Maryland was marred by a devastating fire at the Preston Auto Group’s main location. The fire erupted the exact same day Preston took over the Denton location from Mr. Ollie Smith. The fire at the mother ship store touched the hearts of many. “We all lost a lot in that fire and a lot of us lost some very fond memories and for some of us possessions that can't be replaced”, said David Wilson. The employees of Preston pulled together the day after the tragic fire, relocated into temporary office trailers, and later set up shop in the Mazda building for over two years. Their dedication and ability to respond and adapt further defines the history of Preston.

In the summer of 2001, a state of the art body shop, Preston Auto Body, opened at the site of the fire. It is a great feeling to see the hustle and bustle of dedicated employees working back at the main location again.

In 2002 the Management building was completed right in the exact location it all started, in downtown Preston.

In October of 2002, the long awaited new Ford facility, now with an expanded service department, opened to replace the original building which had been destroyed in the fire.

In May of 2002, a third import, Preston Nissan, was added in Preston, Maryland. The ground breaking for the new Nissan facility was May 6th, 2003. On May 12th of 2003 the fourth import was added to the group, Preston Hyundai in Preston.

In October of 2006 Preston announced their latest exciting news when Pittsville Motors, located in Pittsville Maryland, became the newest member of the Preston Automotive Group. Representing the Ford brand, Owners Donald Bounds and David Wilson share the same family business philosophy and dedication to customer service. The merger has provided additional resources that have strengthened our ability to offer great sales and service to our customers.

In April of 2009, Preston restructured Preston Buick Pontiac GMC to become Carnet of Cambridge. The new name and focus gives support to the pre-owned and service market, allowing Carnet to cover all ends of the spectrum of pre-owned vehicles as well as a state of the art service facility that services all makes and models. The restructuring has allowed the Preston Team to adapt and exceed the expectations of their most valuable asset...THE CUSTOMER.